Still Waiting - 8/23
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The cousins had to leave today.  As part of their farewell, Lewie took everyone out for breakfast at the Dalton Cafe.  I still can't get enough of that gravy and now Keith is a fan too.

After we took the obligatory group photo and saw the cousins off, Keith, Denise, and Lewie took a ride to the farm country where Lewie and the rest of the Goltz family grew up.  I chose not to go as I've seen it before and I was very tired from the alcohol consumption of yesterday.  Christine stayed behind with Jack at the cabin while I spent the afternoon at our trailer catching up on the web site.

I hadn't heard anything from Dalton Sports so I finally gave up and called them around 3:30 pm.  Customer updates are not their long suit.  No one had a chance to look at the boat today.  I wasn't familiar with whom answered the phone and he wasn't able to provide any more info than that.  I'll just have to wait and see what happens tomorrow.  Besides, Denise reserved a pontoon boat for tomorrow morning so that everyone could go out together.  Hopefully the weather will be as nice tomorrow as it is today.

The tour returned around 5:00 pm and everyone was on their own for supper.  Lewie was still fishing at the bridge.  Then he arrived with this huge carp to show us.  Although they're not really good to eat, he couldn't believe there was a fish this big in the lake.  It weighed 10 lbs. on the scale in the fish house where he disposed of it.  It was 28 inches long.

As dark approached, I built a campfire but the wood was pretty wet from last night's thunderstorms.  No matter.  After half a bottle of instant boy scout (charcoal starter), I got it going.  We sat around the fire and enjoyed the evening.

Pat, Lynn & Rose's son, stopped in around 10:30 pm.  He lives in St. Cloud but his work had him traveling to Fargo and we were on his way.  It was nice to see him and nice of him to stop by on his way home.

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