Ten Mile Lake - 8/5
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Since we made it to Bismark last night, we now only have 260 miles to go today.  Thus we allowed ourselves to sleep in and didn't get going until around 10:00 am.  We were anxious to get there.  Both of us were tired of problems and being jostled around in the truck.  And it's becoming apparent to me that the hemorrhoid I've developed yesterday (probably while straining with that fucking tire) isn't going to go away soon.  It's pretty damn sore and every bump seems to make it worse.

We could see the lightning in the distance.  We sure hope the road turns and we don't have to go through that.  But luck was not with us.  It started to rain which soon turned to hail.  The lightning was cracking over our heads and thunder immediately followed.  I could hardly see the road but continued along at 25 mph.  Many had already taken refuge on the side of the road.

I turn on the radio to see if I can find a weather report.  Severe thunderstorm warnings are issued for Cass county.  Specifically central Cass county right over I-94.  Great.  Right over our fucking heads.  I couldn't believe it but visibility was actually getting worse.  I join the others and seek refuge at the next exit.

But like most Midwestern storms, the brunt of it didn't last too long.  After about 10 minutes, we could see again and resumed our 25 mph trek down the freeway.  Finally we could see orange in the distance and knew we were close to the edge of the storm.

We arrived at Ten Mile Lake at 3:00 pm and Denise and I both kissed the ground.  It's been a hell of a trip!  However my ass is so sore I can hardly walk.  Setting up the rig was a chore in itself.

Lewie took us to the steakhouse for dinner.  We sat there enjoying cocktails for about 2 hours before ordering.  At least the alcohol is relieving my pain.  After dinner Lewie went to his rig but Denise and I carried on until 12:30 am.  I suppose our neighbors didn't appreciate that much but too bad.  That's the risk you take when you stay so close together.  Besides, we won't do it every night.

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