Jackpot, NV - 8/2
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Although we went to bed at 10:00 pm, neither of us slept well.  I was basically awake at 03:00 am and never really went back to sleep after that.  Denise slept a little better but still tossed and turned.  Finally at 04:40 am we were up.

After showers and packing the few last things, we were on our way at 05:15.  It's about 550 miles to Jackpot, NV where we plan to stop for the night.  I already decided that this year I would keep my speeds down to 65 mph instead of the usual 70 - 75 mph, hoping that the reduced speed would keep us from having tire problems.  Thus it will be about 11 hours in the truck with a few potty stops along the way.

The truck pulled the Sierras beautifully.  I was a bit concerned as how it would do with the additional load.  In fuelling up the previous day at the truck stop, I had an opportunity to weigh the entire rig loaded for travel minus passengers.  It weighed 24,640 lbs. which is quite a load.

We made through the morning rush hour traffic in the Reno/Sparks area.  Should be smooth sailing from here all the way to Wells.  About 20 miles out of Sparks there's a portable road sign that is flashing Prepare to Stop.  Sure enough, about a mile up the road all the cars were stopped and not moving.

I turned on the radio and learned that there had been a accident in the middle of the night involving two big rigs and two passenger cars.  Eastbound I-80 was closed at Fernley and traffic was being detoured through town.  I'll skip all the expletives and leave it at it took us about 2 hours to get through that mess.

We continued on without any further issues and arrived in Jackpot around 6:30 pm.  At least the tires held up.  Maybe driving slower is really a good thing.  I think we're going to be OK from here.

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