The End - 9/5
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The drives to Idaho Falls, ID and Winnemucca, NV were uneventful and we arrived in Winnemucca just before 4:00 pm.  After getting the trailer setup, we headed into the casino where we sat at the video poker bar and played for nearly 8 hours. We didn't win but it didn't cost us much for the entertainment. I was glad we made that strategic stop in Elko for a Subway sandwich. It provided a good buffer for the drinks we consumed at the bar.

As you might expect, we didn't get up real early on Sunday. It was almost 11:00 am by time we had all the cupboards emptied, things cleaned, truck fueled, and everything packed for the final day. The drive was just like all of the other days until we got near Fernley, about 30 miles east of Reno. That's when the combat driving began and continued the rest of the way home. My attitude quickly returned and I regained my 4 letter word vocabulary like I had never left. We arrived home around 4:30 pm.

Denise is happy to be home as she always is. But as usual, I am not. It's not home that I hate. It's having to resume all of my adult responsibilities. Being on vacation is like returning to childhood during summer vacation.  Very little responsibility while playing all day. All my time was my own. Now it's back to alarm clocks, appointments, meetings, traffic, etc. Most of my time will be spent on things I have to do instead of things I want to do. That's what I hate about coming home.

Thanks for coming along. We hope you've enjoyed reading about our trip and please join us again next year. It will be a new adventure.

Back Home Up

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