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Photo Album

I've put all of the pictures into a photo album using JAlbum, free software to generate web photo albums.  To view the album, just click the link on the left.  It will open in a new window.

Next, click on a folder to open an index page of all the slides in the folder.  Then just click on whatever picture you wish to see for a larger version.  Or you can just click on the first picture and either start the slideshow or move through them manually.

Here is a list of the buttons you will find on the various pages and their functions:

    Folder of slides.

    Go up one level.

    Go to the first slide in the folder.

    Go to the previous slide in the folder.

    Toggles the EXIF info window.

    Return to the folder index.

    Go to the last slide in the folder.

    Go to the next slide in the folder.

    Download the full high-resolution jpg image
Hint:  Right-click and choose "Save Target As..." to specify a filename and location.  Otherwise, your browser obediently opens the file for viewing in its window.

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