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Okay, hereís what I have to say about this trip so far. 

We finally arrived in South Dakota on Monday.  I thought the trip getting here was fine.  Itís certainly not the Canadian Rockies, but there is a lot to see and do.  And I think weíve done it all!  To me the best things to see were Crazy Horse and the night lighting of Mount Rushmore.  Crazy Horse is just amazing considering the family is constructing it on their own and the night lighting at Mount Rushmore brought tears to my eyes.  If only those four presidents could see our government today!!!!

In any case, on to the more important details.  When we arrived on Monday (at about 7:00 p.m.) we went directly where we had planned, an RV park (yuck).  I was ready to murder anything in site as it was a long day.  Where we were camped was this big open area (yes, it had water and electricity) but still it wasnít a place either of us wanted to be for a week.  So on Tuesday we went in search (didnít have to look very long) for the place we REALLY wanted to be.  We selected a Federal campground (about 3 miles down the road).  Mary, youíd be proud, itís half the price we were paying at the RV place.  However, no water or electricity.  But water is within reach with our hoses and electricity, we have our own!  So Wednesday we moved.  We were setting up our ďnew homeĒ around 11:30, Drew outside doing his domestic chores and me doing my domestic chores inside (like making lunch).  Just like the Cleavers!  It was a beautiful day; weíve been wearing summer clothes the entire time.  I felt so good about this place that I even put a tablecloth out on our table outside.  Thatís when you know itís home. Well, lunch was ready and Drew came inside.  We just started eating when all of sudden, lightning, thunder, and a tremendous downpour of rain.  And my tablecloth, itís wet and has been ever since.  I think every day weíve had lightning, thunder, and rain.  But itís okay because it seems it only does that when weíre at home; it hasnít gotten in our way of site seeing.  We just sit in our chairs under our awning and watch the light show.  Itís awesome!

Food, as we should have expected from past experiences, you canít rely on small town stores to have a supply of meat like you do at home.  As a matter of fact, we need to contact Jim Segle (Iím sure thatís not how to spell his name, but you get the drift) because the meat we have seen thatís for sale needs to be trashed.  It looked really bad.  But as you might have expected, we are still eating just fine. 

Today is Saturday and Iíve told Drew that today Iím going NOWHERE!  Iím finishing my second book (no, not the one Iím writing but the one Iím reading) and playing solitaire.  Heíll do his writing (I hope you are enjoying it) and take a ride to upload it for your viewing pleasure!  We leave tomorrow for Colorado and should arrive there Monday.  Now I think we plan on starting at an RV park just until we find a federal campground that can accommodate us.  Thatís when the tablecloth and chair come out and weíve got a home again.

All in all, weíre having a great time.  Sorry to say, I donít miss you, yet.  Well, Drew finally has breakfast ready (biscuits, gravy and scrambled eggs) so I better go.  Iíll write later.

Love ya,


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