Elk Grove, CA - 9/11
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We got up and drove home.  However, I don't have to tell anyone what we came home to.  Actually, we did find out about it while traversing the Sierras after a cryptic message was left on our cell phone from one of Denise's friends.  Denise called her back and got the whole story.  Then we listened to news radio all the way home.  The rest of the day we spent glued to the television.

This about wraps up our vacation.  We plan to get a few things done around the house tomorrow to prepare for painters next week.  Then on Thursday, we are going to the Elks Lodge in Red Bluff.  We'll spend the night there and go to Eureka the following day.  I don't know if we'll be back Saturday or Sunday but in any event, it should be pretty normal stuff.  Thus this will be the last entry unless something real interesting arises.  Thanks for coming along and I hope you enjoyed it!

Back Home Up

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