Jackpot, NV - 9/9
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OK, time to get the hell out of here since they're closing the campground at 10:00 am.  We hit the road at 8:30 am but already the park roads are clogged with the usual impediments.  We need to travel about 70 miles to clear the west gate so we reconcile ourselves to the fact that it will take around two hours.

There's not much to report on the 420 mile trip through the western edge of Wyoming, the southwestern corner of Montana, southeastern Idaho, and finally into the northeastern portion of Nevada.  We stop for the evening in Jackpot, NV and try to get a spot in the RV park at Cactus Pete's.  No luck.  All spaces are taken.  I had joked earlier in the day about not parking the trailer and just heading straight for the casino when we got to Jackpot.  Well it appears as I got my wish as we just spend the night in the parking lot after enjoying an evening of video poker, cocktails, and music from the band, Herb McQuay.

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