Lander, WY - 8/19
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Sinks Canyon The Beginning of Lander

Sinks Canyon is a dud!  We arrived in the mid-afternoon and found the campground very primitive and basically too small to accommodate our rig.   I think we could have squeezed in to one site but there was no place to fill our tank with water.  What's with this state!  Water must be a premium or something.  They did have water pipe in the park but only a drinking fountain was attached the the end.  It's the strangest thing we've ever seen.  But we did stop to take some pictures before finding somewhere to park for the night.

We found Sleeping Bear RV Park back in the town of Lander.  Originally we were just going to fill with water and then continue before stopping somewhere for the night. But it was already 4:00 pm and so we decided to stay.

We spent the first part of our evening enjoying cocktails and then had a quick dinner.  After dinner, we broke out the dominos and started our first tournament.  We agreed that the best three out of five games would constitute a tournament.  Denise won two and I won one.  Then it was off to bed as we are heading to Mount Rushmore tomorrow.  There's no reason to stay here!

Note:  Additional details such as maps and local history will be added as I have time.  However, the time may not be available until we return.  Keep checking pages you may have already viewed if you'd like additional information.  You can tell when a page was last updated by checking the date on the bottom of each page.

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