Elko, NV - 8/17
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Gold Country RV Park Downtown Skyline

A special thanks to the folks at RV Travel World in Sacramento.  They got our trailer fixed after the "glitch" and we're on our way!

We left bright and early Friday morning around 6:30 am.  We stopped for breakfast in Sparks and then continued toward Elko, NV.  I don't think I've ever had a cheaper breakfast.  We both had breakfast specials at $2.99 each.  With drinks and tax, the total bill was only $9.68.  But then when we went to the register, the cashier informed us there was a 50% off special so our total bill was under $5.00.  You gotta love Sparks!

Anyway, the 433 miles from home to Elko seemed to go by pretty quickly.  It certainly helped that the speed limit through Nevada is 75 mph for all vehicles.  But I was content to hold at 70 to keep the tires a little cooler and avoid any problems.

We arrived around 3:00 pm and stayed at the Gold Country RV Park which is just a little area behind the Gold Country Inn and Casino.  It was a small little place but it worked.  We spent the evening enjoying cocktails and playing video poker before having dinner and retiring early around 8:00 pm.  After all, it's another long day tomorrow.

So, mostly a driving day and not much of which to take pictures.  However, I did snap one of the rig and another of the "downtown Elko" (whoo hoo!) skyline.  You can view them by clicking the links on the left.

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