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On the first day we were there, we took a drive along the south fork of the Sacramento River.  As we left the campground and made a right and followed the winding road up.  The road is narrow and fairly steep.  There are several Forest Service roads that deviate from the main road.  We tried a couple of them but kept having to turn around because of snow.  I'd guess we climbed from about 4000 ft at the campground to over 6000 ft.  Here's a few pictures I took.

4 Wheel01.JPG (62764 bytes)    4 Wheel02.JPG (65310 bytes)    4 Wheel03.JPG (64581 bytes)

Shasta02.JPG (65316 bytes)    Shasta03.JPG (65299 bytes)    Shasta04.JPG (65423 bytes)

And here are a few pictures I took of Lake Siskiyou from the campground.

Lake Siskiyou01.JPG (63791 bytes)    Lake Siskiyou02.JPG (65231 bytes)    Lake Siskiyou03.JPG (65015 bytes)

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