Sunday, July 23
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Well it's been a wonderful week.  Denise and I have really enjoyed ourselves.  But now it is time to do the dreaded "pack up" thing.  And to make things worse, only Denise and I and my parents are leaving.  The others are staying on until Wednesday or so.  It's times like this that I envy those that are retired and have the time to do that.  Personally, I could stay another week or two as there are many more 4-wheel drive trails to explore.  But our turn will come.

I'm looking over the pictures I've taken on this trip that haven't been included in the previous pages.  Here they are for your enjoyment.

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Pearl_Dirt01.JPG (64580 bytes)    Pearl02.jpg (65159 bytes)    Pearl01.jpg (65294 bytes)    Pearl_Wash04.jpg (65022 bytes)

Don05.jpg (74858 bytes)

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