Saturday, July 22
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It's our last day and Dad hasn't been to Buckeye Creek yet.  So we head out around 9:00 am and go to Buckeye.

It looks promising as there are a few cars parked at the first bridge.  Not wanting to "combat fish" we continue on up the the second bridge.  But the second bridge does not have easy access to we decide to go to the top and fish the third bridge.

After about 40 minutes of nothing, we decide to return to the second bridge and see if we can get close to the water.  But I did get some nice pictures at the third bridge.

Buckeye01.jpg (63865 bytes)    Buckeye02.jpg (65184 bytes)    Buckeye04.jpg (62964 bytes)    Buckeye05.jpg (65354 bytes)    Buckeye06.jpg (63558 bytes)

Getting down to the water at the second bridge was easier than it looked from the road.  Dad planted himself under the bridge while I walked upstream a little and gave it a try.

About an hour later, I had only caught one fish.  I went back to see how Dad was doing.  He had three.  We could see the fish sitting in a school right under the bridge but they just weren't biting real well.  Occasionally one would hit but that was it.  But because I could see them, it kept my interest.  We stayed another hour or two and left with 8 more trout to add to the camp collection.

Our friends have family in Minden, NV.  When we returned, they were having a nice visit with their relatives as they had planned a few days prior.  But I didn't expect to see another aunt and uncle that arrived earlier that morning.  Uncle Gerry, Mom's brother, and his wife, Aunt Darlene had talked about coming if they could finish a job they were doing in Elko, NV.  But like Mom's sister, last we heard was that they weren't going to complete the job when they expected.  So I guess we're having a family reunion as well.

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